New Dex No Boundries. Pre-sale Is live. 25% DAPP staking reward

Frictionless Token Swap Experience 

Compare and Swap ERC20 tokens instantly. 
Pool any ERC20 Token with another ERC20 Token
Automated Liquidity Pools deployment
Fees Injected back into pool and portion shared with TDEX holders
Removing central points of failure
Hosted Dashboard with Investor tools and profit reports
Access all DEX liquidity in one place.
web3 compatible 
Avoid Price slippage
Swap ERC20 tokens swiftly across all liquidity pools
Cross chain swapping planned for V2


Whats New?
  TDEX Pre-sale is now Live.

New Dex No Boundries.

Roadmap 2020/2021

The Journey
Publishing July 10/2020